Curriculum for polytechnicians and normaliens

Every year, ENSTA Paris recruits students from the École polytechnique (civil polytechnicians and armament engineers). After an optional internship carried out under co-supervision, the polytechnicians join ENSTA Paris in the third year.

This route is also offered to normaliens.

After two weeks devoted to a harmonisation course in communication, project management, accounting and engineering law, the fourth-year training curriculum includes a teaching course followed by an internship period.
A course customised to your objectives in 2, 3 or 4 semesters built around two fundamental semesters:

Teachning curriculum (September to mid-April)

  • Lessons of the 3rd year of the engineering course (Choice from among different specialisation tracks and profiles)
  • Possibility of integrating the personalised course to help start a business.

Graduation project (from mid-April)

The end of studies internship takes place over a minimum period of six months. Its duration is 8 months for Armament engineers, who also attend one month of training in administration and European environments and a 6-month internship of knowledge of the operational environment.

The graduation project

3-semester international course

To strengthen the international dimension of one’s education. Semester to be completed either before, between or after the 2 fundamental semesters

International academic semester

With a wide choice of destinations and personalised educational programmes:

  • KTH, Stockholm (aerospace)
  • NTNU, Trondheim (maritime)
  • TU Delft (transport, energy)
  • TU Munich (transport, robotics)
  • ParisTech Shangai Jiao Tong (transport, energy)
  • UFRJ, Rio (maritime, energy)

4-semester business course

To prepare for the business world as soon as possible with 2 semesters to be completed (internship in a business in France or abroad + personalised programme and/or internship) before the 2 fundamental semesters

4-semester full course

To develop as many skills as possible with 2 semesters to be completed (international academic semester + internship in a business or laboratory in France or abroad) before the 2 fundamental semesters