Prices and information on accommodation in the ENSTA Paris residence

Monthly rates for accommodation in the ENSTA Paris residence 2020/2021

  • Studio apartment of 18.5 m2: €429
  • Studio apartment of 22 m2: €450
  • Apartment of 36 m2: €725

Estimate of monthly housing assistance

  • Scholarship student: €230
  • Non-scholarship student: €200

Equipment in the studio apartments of 18.5 m2 and 22 m2

  • a bed, a mattress, a mattress protector
    a desk, a chair
    storage (shelving unit, bedside table, wardrobe)
    a bathroom: a shower, a toilet block, a sink, storage space and a trash can
    a kitchenette: a fridge, a sink, a microwave, 2 hotplates and storage
    high-speed internet access.

Each accommodation has excellent sound insulation.

Common services of the residence

Each building in the residence has a particular character represented by an activity room:

  • Building E: a room dedicated to reading;
    Building N: a room for artistic activities (painting, sculpture, etc.);
    Building S: a room with a TV;
    Building T: a room with video games;
    Building A: a room with 3 billiard tables.

The residents have access to all the rooms and the rule is diversity so that the students come together, whatever their class or their origin. This is the reason why the units will be allocated at random except for building “heads”.

Each building of the residence has:

  • a laundry room equipped with 2 washing machines and 2 tumble dryers. Washing costs €3.50 and drying is free;
  • a bicycle storage room;
  • a garbage room equipped for selective sorting.

Outside, spaces are arranged and equipped with barbecues, benches, bicycle parking and 200 parking spaces located in the immediate vicinity of the buildings.

Equipment to be provided by residents

Upon arrival, one must have:

  • quilt, blanket, pillow
  • linen (pillowcase, duvet cover, fitted sheet 90x200, shower curtain, window curtain: width 140 cm x length 190 cm (rods supplied: ceiling rail fitted with small rings), hangers, etc.)
  • crockery and kitchen utensils
  • shower curtain
  • toilet paper, sponges, cleaning products, tea towels, etc.